Oscillating Technology


ROSTA AB oscillating mounts effectively reduce vibration and suspension failure problems!

In an environment where demand for minerals and demands on production has never been higher, ROSTA oscillating mounts are often able to improve machine availability and performance. The life of the units is usually many times that of coil springs and marshmallows and unlike coil springs, will not fail if used correctly.

Because ROSTA oscillating mountings will only oscillate in the direction the screen is designed to be moving, the use of side snubbers is often not required. Startup and shutdown times are faster, preventing screen damage, which can occur due to unconstrained motion when the screen passes through resonance frequencies.


For quiet, safe, high volume and low maintenance conveying systems, the most economical solution is the ROSTA oscillating conveyor system.

The ROSTA units supporting the conveyor offer many years of quiet, maintenance-free operation and replace the now obsolete leaf spring suspensions.